26 Jun 2024

Net zero North West

Electricity North West unveils latest insights on decarbonisation and network development at DSO functions webinar


Electricity North West recently held its Distribution System Operation (DSO) Functions webinar, attracting a strong turnout of stakeholders interested in Distribution Future Electricity Scenarios (DFES), data and flexibility services. 

The DSO Functions webinar attracted a diverse group of over 70 attendees, representing a wide range of stakeholders. This strong response reflects an increasing interest in the future of electricity distribution and the role DSO plays in facilitating a smooth transition to a net-zero future. 

Christos Kaloudas, Electricity North West’s Capacity Strategy Lead, commented: “We're committed to keeping our stakeholders informed and engaged. The DSO Functions webinar provides a valuable platform to share our DFES, which outlines the anticipated demand, distributed generation, and battery storage trends in our region until 2050. This data underpins our network development and empowers stakeholders to make informed decisions regarding decarbonisation and their investments. Our regional stakeholder-led approach ensures we capture a wide range of perspectives, fostering a collaborative environment for shaping the future of our electricity network. 

Key takeaways from the webinar included: 

  • Variation in demand patterns: While overall electricity demand decreased slightly this year, localised demand increases observed due to specific developments and adoption of Low Carbon Technologies (LCTs) like Electric Vehicles (EVs). 
  • Rise of heat pumps: A significant increase in EV registrations highlights the growing importance of electric transportation. Additionally, the DFES forecasts a prominent role for heat pumps in domestic heating, reflected not only in “Consumer Transformation” and "Leading the Way" scenarios, but also this year in the “Best View” scenario. 
  • Enhanced stakeholder engagement: Electricity North West’s broad engagement with local authorities and stakeholders fosters a granular understanding of planned local developments, which are now incorporated into the forecasts and the next DFES will include a wider range of decarbonisation and economic growth developments across the region. 

This successful webinar underlines Electricity North West’s commitment to transparency, collaboration, and its regional stakeholder-led approach to shaping a sustainable and secure electricity future for the North West. 

To find out more about Distribution System Operation functions: https://www.enwl.co.uk/future-energy/