03 Jun 2024

North West Utility

Empowering decarbonisation through collaboration: A look at Electricity North West's Smart Optimisation Output Collaboration Plan

Electricity North West is on a mission to empower regional progress towards Net Zero through the delivery of affordable services and infrastructure for decarbonisation. Underpinning this strategy is our unwavering commitment to collaboration, transparency, and data-driven decision making. This blog post shines a light on our Smart Optimisation Output (SOO) Collaboration Plan. 

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What is the Smart Optimisation Output Collaboration Plan? 

The SOO Collaboration Plan, initiated by industry regulator Ofgem, fosters cooperation between electricity distribution companies and stakeholders. This plan serves as a roadmap for transparent data sharing, fostering a user-centric approach for a more optimised and integrated energy system. 

Our approach and commitment to openness 

Our approach hinges on three core principles that align to the SOO Collaboration Plan's objectives: 

  1. Leading in technology: Our early and continued investments in digitalisation have propelled our Distribution System Operation (DSO) capability, enabling optimal network operability and ensuring that we can deliver the most efficient and sustainable solutions for the region. 
  1. Trust and place-based engagement: We take pride in building trust with stakeholders through open communication and a commitment to understanding local needs. This is exemplified by our DSO Stakeholder Panel, which represents our local community, and plays a vital role in shaping the and breadth and depth of data we share. 
  1. Data accessibility and transparency: Leading the way in data accessibility and transparency, we provide a wealth of information through our website, data portal, and user-friendly how-to guides and visualisation tools. 

Collaboration is key: Working together for a sustainable future 

We actively collaborate with a wide range of stakeholders, including: 

  • Local Authorities with dedicated to support in their journey towards net zero by providing technical expertise and data for Local Area Energy Plans (LAEPs). 
  • Technology providers and institutions, through strategic partnerships, we foster discussions on regional decarbonisation needs and are a catalyst for innovation. 
  • Customers and communities, we   ensure a fair and just transition by embedding customer value as a compass for everything we do, engaging through various channels, including workshops, consultations, and online forums. 

The Benefits of a roadmap to Net Zero 

Our collaborative approach through the SOO Collaboration Plan offers a multitude of benefits: 

  • Enhanced transparency: Open data sharing fosters trust and empowers stakeholders to make informed decisions. 
  • Optimised network planning: By leveraging data and stakeholder input, we can plan and upgrade our network to accommodate the adoption of low carbon technologies. 
  • Empowered LAEPs: Local authorities are equipped with the data and technical expertise needed to craft and inspire confidence in their Net Zero strategies. 
  • Efficient Flexibility Services: Collaboration develops the market for cost-effective flexibility services that can support a more sustainable energy network. 

Join us on the journey 

We invite all stakeholders to join us on the journey of building a sustainable energy future for the North West region. Join us at our next DSO functions event where we will discuss Distribution Future Electricity Scenarios, Data and Flexible Services. Register today: https://re-url.uk/WIOC  

Visit our SOO Collaboration Plan to find out more.