31 Aug 2023

Diversity and Inclusion

We take pride

Thank you to our LGBT+ colleagues and allies for representing Electricity North West and the pride we take in serving our communities across the North West.

a group of people holding rainbow banners and flags

This August Bank Holiday weekend, some of our LGBT+ colleagues and allies joined nearly 200 other organisations and groups in the 2023 Manchester Pride parade.

Colleagues celebrating in the parade

The theme for this year's parade was 'Queerly Beloved' in celebration of the 10-year anniversary of the Marriage Equality Act. Our group included LGBT+ colleagues who have shown their love for their partners through marriage and civil partnership, and our playlist included inspirational and LGBT+ love songs.

Colleagues waving flags in the parade

Ged, one of our internal communications officers, identifies as a cis gay man and is a member of our LGBT+ colleague group: "It's great that my husband and I have been able to show our commitment for one another and our son through marriage, and it's great that we've reached the 10-year anniversary for marriage equality in the UK.

"But we march to protect that equality and to show other people and places that love is love and everyone should have the right to love who they want, how they want."

Colleagues marching in the parade

A big thank you goes out to our LGBT+ colleague-led group for arranging for us to take part in our first ever pride parade, and for our colleague-allies that marched alongside them.

For us, embracing our differences is what makes us stronger.