09 May 2023

Greater Manchester

£40k network upgrade in Stockport

An engineer from Electricity North West

£40,000 is being invested as part of a power network upgrade in Heaton Chapel, Stockport.

Engineers from Electricity North West are starting work on Manchester Road upgrading 150m of underground electricity cables.

The firm, which operates the region’s power network, is carrying out the essential work after issues with the existing cables have caused recent power cuts in the area.

David Jones, who is overseeing the work in Heaton Chapel for Electricity North West, said: “As the power network operator for the region, we want to provide the best possible service, minimising power cuts.

“We’ve recognised the issues with the underground cables on Manchester Road and we want to carry out the work as quickly as possible which will avoid ongoing disruption for local residents and businesses. A scheme like this would usually take several months to plan but we’ve worked closely with the Stockport Council to bring everything forward in a matter of weeks.

“We’re making a significant investment which will ensure a safe and reliable supply of electricity to more than 1,500 properties in the local area fed from these cables.

“I also want to thank everyone for their patience and support while we uncovered the issues and planned this improvement work in. Power cuts do happen for a variety of reasons, and when we identify a faulty cable, we aim to repair or replace it as quickly as possible to ensure a reliable supply of electricity.”

The work will take place on Manchester Road between Victoria Grove and Brooklands Close. While engineers are carrying out work, temporary traffic lights will be in place to ensure engineers can work safely.

Electricity North West has hand-delivered letters in the local areas to inform them of the work and reassured customers that no power cuts are expected while the work is being completed.