22 Feb 2022

North West Storm

Engineers continue to repair damaged power network across North West

Electricity North West engineers are continuing to restore power to properties affected by Storm Franklin.

In what was the third named storm of the week, high winds topping 65mph hit the region on Sunday and well into yesterday (Monday) afternoon, which caused more than 16,900 properties to lose power.

Engineers worked tirelessly in testing conditions and have been able to restore power to more than 16,300 properties.

Stephanie Trubshaw, Electricity North West’s Customer Director, said: “We’re continuing to work around the clock to restore power to customers throughout the region.

“Yesterday’s weather conditions were extremely testing, and the high winds continued well into the afternoon in some areas which did hamper our efforts to repair the power network.

“Loose debris and fallen trees have been the main cause of a lot of incidents on the network but we made significant progress throughout yesterday and overnight.”

More than 70 separate incidents have been caused on the network throughout the North West and engineers had already restored power to thousands of properties throughout Storms Dudley and Eunice.

Outstanding faults are spread throughout the region and Electricity North West is communicating with customers and providing welfare support.

Engineers are also continuing to respond to faults on the power network which are being reported throughout the day.

 Stephanie Trubshaw added: “Our aim is to restore power to those affected by Storm Franklin today.

“We are still receiving reports of damage to the network from customers which is extremely helpful and ask if they do see damaged equipment to stay away but report it to us on 105.

“Power cuts happen on the network daily and we’ll respond to each incident like we have throughout Storm Franklin.

“If people do need extra help during a power cut, I’d encourage them to sign up for our Priority Services Register so we are able to prioritise assistance if affected.”

The latest updates are available at www.enwl.co.uk/livepowercuts.

Welfare provisions across the North West can be viewed at https://www.enwl.co.uk/franklin.

Electricity North West offers extra support to customers through their Priority Services Register. For more information and to register visit www.enwl.co.uk/priority.

  • Live power cut information in the region is available at www.enwl.co.uk/livepowercuts, and the network can be contacted on Twitteror Facebook, or by calling for free on 105 from any phone.
  • Customers can stay safe and prepare themselves in the event of potential power cuts by following the simple advice here enwl.co.uk/power-cuts/helpful-tips.
  • You can see how Electricity North West prepares the network throughout the year by watching this video.