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Fixing the line Riggshield, Laversdale Carlisle 2 small

23 Feb 2024

Electricity North West submits proposals to transform power network resilience

Pole damage Southwaite, Cumbria 2

23 Jan 2024

Repair work continues following significant damage to power network

ENWL linesman 013 2018

21 Jan 2024

Power network operator issues warning to customers

An Electricity North West engineer (2)-2

27 Dec 2023

Engineers on standby as Storm Gerrit set to hit the region

A tree on the line in Troutbeck

21 Dec 2023

Engineers make considerable progress despite difficult conditions

ENWL linesman 015 2018

21 Dec 2023

Power restored to 6,700 as Storm Pia hits power network

enw van carlisle 006 2019 - Copy

10 Dec 2023

Engineers respond for second weekend in a row as Storms Elin and Fergus batter North West

Overhead 1

04 Dec 2023

Power network makes progress on ‘significant engineering challenge’ across Cumbria

Snapped electricity pole nr Carnforth, Lancs

14 Nov 2023

Engineers working to restore properties affected by Storm Debi

enw van carlisle 006 2019 - Copy

13 Nov 2023

Storm Debi: Hundreds of engineers on standby as Electricity North West warns of damage to overhead power lines

  • Amber weather warning for region could cause power cuts with 70mph winds forecast
  • Engineers and tree cutters on standby to deal with damage
  • Contact centre ready to take customer calls for people to report power cuts
  • Stay away from damaged equipment and report on 105
  • Anyone who needs extra support in a power cut can join Electricity North West’s free Extra Care register
Electricity North West ops team

26 Sep 2023

Electricity North West prepared for Storm Agnes

Electricity North West apprentice Bronwyn Cover

13 Jun 2023

Power restored to 9,500 properties after storms