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Electricity North West engineers-6

20 Feb 2023

‘A CLASS ACT - special recognition for ‘exceptional’ technology to save energy costs

19 Dec 2022

Power network operator encourages customers to make winter preparations

14 Dec 2022

New energy system set to save Great Britain's customers billions on energy bills

06 Dec 2022

Electricity North West awards £95k to seven community groups

22 Nov 2022

Electricity North West launches new reporting tool to further boost storm resilience

09 Nov 2022

Electricity North West announces largest flexibility requirements with £10m up for grabs

26 Sep 2022

Electricity North West publishes its Green Financing Framework to power future investment

06 Sep 2022

New chief executive confirms energy bill reduction plan

17 Aug 2022

Power network operator launches flexibility consultation

04 Apr 2022

Peter Emery to retire as Chief Executive Officer of Electricity North West Limited

08 Mar 2022

Network operator predicts falling battery costs could lead to 1.2 million electric cars and vans by 2030

03 Feb 2022

Power network operator lowering prices despite price cap increase